Our services are available twenty-four (24) hours a day on an as-needed basis by advance scheduling or in the event of call-outs by regular staff. Our Personal Care Specialists are specifically trained for both home and facility care and in both the residential and the commercial scenarios, we desire to meet the needs of our clients where and when they need us.11409789_ml

Companionship is the True Social Network

The younger generations may like Social Networking online but Golden Age knows how important it is to our clients to have true social interaction. Social engagement has proven to improve quality of life, health, and over all well being in seniors. We could all use a little more face to face interaction these days.

Light Housekeeping

This service is one everyone wishes they could have on a continual basis. However for those needing in-home care this service is almost a necessity. Golden Age will clean all floor surfaces, dust, clean bathrooms, pick up and organize rooms, closets, and drawers. Basically if we don’t need a ladder to clean a surface we can take care of it within the personal residence of our clients.


Golden Age can set up services to take care of all laundry needs from washing, drying, ironing, and folding. We engage the client to make sure we understand how they like their laundry done.

New Moms


Golden Age  provides help to new moms in need of extra care around the home. Our caregivers will keep the house tidy, run laundry, and make sure new moms have a meal to eat.

Meal Planning & Preparation

Nutrition is important to living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Golden Age understands the need for seniors to have delicious, nutritious meals planned and prepared.  Something as simple as a consistent healthy diet can improve a clients health and promote a healthy happy person under most any circumstance.

Grocery Shopping/Errands

Clients have the option to stay at home or run errands depending on their activity level and willingness to stay active. These services can include shopping for groceries, picking up prescriptions, or light shopping for needs. We work with our clients to understand their needs and preferences and plan accordingly within their budget.

Mobility & Transfer Assistance

Seniors need to get out and about to improve their mental and health well being. Golden Age assists in mobility and transfer as needed so our clients can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.


Keeping clients in correct positions and moving them as needed promotes better recovery, reduces muscle stiffness, and encourages better breathing and digestion.

Transportation Services

Transportation services can be set up for care services such as medical appointments, hair appointments, shopping, or Church activities. Getting out of the house is another aspect of improving the living conditions and quality of life for seniors.

Medication Reminders

Taking medication at the prescribed time and doses is important. Golden Age can not administer medication to our clients but we can make sure they are taking medication according to their doctors wishes.

Dressing Assistance

Golden Age wants to give independence as much as possible to instill dignity and self-esteem during trying times by helping in daily living activities. It is important to work with our clients so they know we care for them when they need us.

Personal Hygiene Tasks

Bathing, grooming, and combing are tasks that can make a client feel so much better about themselves and gives a willingness to stay active to engage with others.

24-Hour Access to an ON-Call Nurse

You can always reach us directly by phone for questions, concerns and emergencies. Live with the comfort and security of knowing there is always a qualified nurse at your fingertips 24 hours a day. We offer AFFORDABLE and FLEXIBLE quality service to each client we serve. To learn more about GOLDEN AGE or to speak to a member of our care team, please contact us at 770.716.7570 or call our Newnan number at 770.304.4561.